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Hardware and Software design and development for small UAV's platforms:

Autopilot, IMU, GPS/GPS RTK, Communication modules TC/TM, Power Distribution Board, Battery BMS
Ground Control Station Remote Controller (GCS RC), GCS App.
Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
Onboard Image Vision Processing

Electronics Hardware Design:

analog, digital and mixed signal systems
schematic capture, components sourcing, s
mall signal, low-noise, low-power and low-voltage electronics hardware design services for specific environmental needs.

FPGA, CPLD, Embedded System, Signal Processing, DSPs, Microprocessor, Microcontroller

design of electronics hardware and software.

Battery Management Systems

BMS and services for UN 3480 transportation tests (Li-Ion batteries T1-T8).

Design for Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMC and services to CE quality level.


Documentation / Specification / Requirements

  • writing HW and SW documentation and requirements for prototypes and production

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