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HILTeC is a computer hardware and software company that specializes in:

Hardware and Software design and development for small UAV's platforms

  • Autopilot, IMU, GPS/GPS RTK, Power Distribution Board, Battery BMS

  • Ground Control Station Remote Controller (GCS RC), GCS App.

  • Collision Avoidance (C&A)

  • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

  • Communication modules TC/TM

  • Onboard Image and Vision Processing

Control System Design - based on Model-Based Design

  • Plant Model Identification, Controller Design and Optimization

  • signal processing, image and video processing,

  • development of Fixed-Point and Floating-Point Digital Signal Processing algorithms for implementation in FPGA's

  • HIL/ FIL simulation and co-simulation

HIL/FIL- Hardware/FPGA-In-the-Loop Technology

  • Configurable technology built around FPGA devices - (Field Programmable Gate Array)

  • HIL/ FIL Hardware/FPGA-In-the-Loop Technology - simulation and co-simulation (with PCIe and Ethernet)

  • Development of HPRC (High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing) supercomputers and algorithms for hardware accelerated computing.


Project Management

  • manage the whole process of design, documentation, prototyping and production

Documentation / Specification / Requirements

  • writing HW and SW documentation and requirements for prototypes and production

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